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The health and well-being of our players, on and off the field, is a top priority for us. Our club believes in the importance of concussion education, prevention of sports-related injuries, and mental health awareness. We are a team. We are a family. We care for our family. 



Every year, players receive concussion injuries during games and practice. These can range in severity, but should all be taken seriously. Characterized by an impairment of the brain’s normal function and caused by violent shaking or jarring of the brain, concussions may cause alterations in cognitive function, vision, eye movement, facial movement, or speech.


Coaches and teammates can play a key role in helping to prevent concussions and in managing them properly if they do occur. We ask all coaches and players to educate themselves and become familiar with the symptoms and treatment methods.

Safety | US Lacrosse Website

Heads Up Concussion Awareness | CDC


Concussion Recognition Tool 5 (US Lacrosse – CRT5)

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Vandal Lacrosse Concussion Information Document

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US Lacrosse Concussion Management Plan

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Our team's goal is to promote a healthy balance between lacrosse, education, and life. We strive to allow our players to have a positive college experience and get a first-class education, while participating in a sport we all love. Proper stretching, nutrition, and exercise are keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Beyond physical health, student athletes take on the challenge of balancing their extracurriculars and school. This can be a mentally exhausting task, especially as a Freshman. Mental health is just as, if not more important, than physical health. The University offers a variety of on-campus and digital resources that we encourage our athletes to use. We also encourage our players to talk to their fellow teammates, coaching staff, or training staff if they are struggling. A link to U of I's resources can be found below. 


University of Idaho | Mental Health Resources


Nutrition - Athlete's Plate

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How to talk about mental health

mental health resources

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