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Signatures Include:

  • Paul Rabil – League Commissioner, Future Hall of Famer

  • Ryan Boyle – PLL Analyst, Commentator 

  • Blaze Riordon – 2022 PLL MVP & 3X Goalie of the Year

  • Jarrod Neumann – 1X Defender of the Year

  • Eric Law – 2X Dave Huntley Sportsmanship  Award Winner

  • Joe Nardella – 1X Face off Athlete of the Year

  • Trevor Baptiste – 2X Face off Athlete of the Year, 2022 PLL MVP

  • Zed Williams – 2022 PLL MVP

  • Jeff Teat – 2021 Rookie of the Year

  • Danny Logan – 2X SSDM of the Year

  • Andy Towers – Chaos Coach

  • Ben Rubber – Atlas Coach

  • Ken Clausen – Atlas Coach